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Non-Cone Time

IMG_20141116_101306There are so many things that are hard to do wearing a cone:  tail catching, cleaning, climbing, eating.  I’m giving Zooch a lot of breaks from wearing the cone, and lots of head rubs and neck scritches.

I also moved the bed with the heating pad out to the main area.  They all have been avoiding the under-table space as a former prison space, but the weather is getting colder.  It’s just Bay Area cold, not polar vortex, but still.  Zooch did nap on the heating pad this morning.

Zifra and Zinky have gotten vary into climbing things, so I put the post carpet up.


One Relaxed–The Night Before Her Forever Home


Nothing like an evening with Dr. Who and National Geographics animals, and a warm lap, to induce a deep sleep.  Of course, Pam watches the videos and got perhaps inspired by the leopards.  She jumped at Em’s face a little too roughly.  She may have been contrite afterwards.


So, Saturday night and all the kittens have their forever homes.  Pam’s new mom was just filling out the paperwork when I went to pick up the kittens.  I just picked up their carrier, and said goodby to Pam.  She was alone probably for the first time ever and looked very lonely (her mom was in a separate room at the time).  Good luck to them all.


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Product Testing

Must study thisAdmittedly, they’ll play with anything, including the scraps from cutting out more of these toys.  Pam and Carlotta will study this object though and test it for bat-ability, durability, and sustaining interest.  And I don’t even have to pay them.


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Ride ‘Em, Cowcats

yee hawThis is the rocking horse my grandfather made, back in the fifties.  My father repainted it, and the ears and tail have been replaced.  My sister’s kids and then mine played on it.  Sometimes it is in storage in the garage.  Now it is another thing for kittens to climb on.  One just has to be careful not to rock near kitty tails.


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Home Here For The Week

gotcha!As you can see, neither got adopted this weekend.  Pam was hissy Sunday; perhaps she didn’t like her neighbors.  If the door is open (and barricade up) our cat, Commie, will walk by and hiss at them.  Nora stares but is shy, Snuggles would like their kibble but avoids seeing the kittens.

They are fierce mousers, indeed, if the mouse is a fuzzy toy one anyhow.  Snuggles learned to kill real (baby) rats on her own, after 3 days of studying one.  These kittens might learn, or they could be pacifists.


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Playing Door

Door!When I’m in the room with them, the barricade is sufficient to keep them in the room, as long as nothing too interesting is happening in the hall.  Then they can play Door.  It’s got enough gap at the bottom to fit a paw partway through.  They have yet to discover the hinge-side gap, but this has been good.  They enjoy the mystery of poking at each other when they can’t see each other.

I also have to keep our own cats out.  When Snuggles heard me open a new bag of kibble, she hopped in.  Then everyone stood around stiffly.  Pam gets quite a ridge on her back when she’s scared and trying to look tough.  Snuggles didn’t really want to be with the kittens, and she knew the kibble wasn’t hers, so she left pretty quickly.


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Movie Day

So I got a couple of typical play sessions, although there have also been some intense sleepy snuggle sessions too.

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