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Higgins All Grown up

wine, cheese, and truffles, with cat…I hope.  At 15 pounds, I hope he’s all grown up.  He’s obviously living the good life.  His new name is Nino, and his new family was kind enough to send some photos of him.


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Formerly Hamilton and Huxtable

grownups now

Got a missive from the new family of Hamilton and Huxtable, with photos!  Hux is now Possum and Ham is Pigeon, but they are gathering nicknames with alacrity.  They are obviously great buddies and very comfy in their home.

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Many Ways to Use a Box

Wherein a box is made available on 5 out of 6 sides and a fleece strings loops forever.  There’s one fuzzy black kitten inside the box and Hollywood outside.  With the holes on all but the end of the box, there are many chances for interaction between kittens.  Having it in the air makes the bottom holes usable.

My latest variation for the box is putting it at a slant.  Maybe I’ll suspend it.

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Box Series

peekypeekityboo!I never know quite what I’ll get when I bring the camera into the kitten room, but Hollywood obliged with a lot of cute popups through the box hole.  Despite the lack of focus in the third picture, I like the “Calvin & Hobbes” four-eye look.  

Hollywood and Hamilton are now above 2 pounds; Huxtable is suddenly at 30 ounces, Hale Bopp at 28.  They’re scheduled for neuter/spay next Thursday, the 15th, but Hale might hold them back if he’s not at 32 ounces.  When I got them, he was the heaviest one.  The fuzzy black kittens have a meandering path weight gain pattern; Hamilton and Hollywood are more linear.

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Voices and Boxes

We got Em an electric cello and the box makes a great playground.  Huxtable fits through some of the holes I cut;  I guess they all do, but it looks funnier when the fuzzy ones slip through a small opening.

Hamilton has a little meow, not loud, but fairly mature.  Huxtable’s squeak is so high it’s practically a whistle.  Hale Bopp does the silent meow: visual with a little bit of sound from the lips opening.  Hollywood doesn’t tend to ask for anything.  Most of the meows are the “Pick me up, please” type.

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Bedtime Stories

Sorry about the lighting, but this is a good sample of Hamilton’s new favorite activity: bed suckling.  Hollywood does it a little but hasn’t found it nearly as satisfying as Hamilton finds it.  Anyhow, here’s a better picture of another use of the the naptime

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even toys intended for cats can be funThis group really likes this toy–the ball is constrained but not grabbable, touchable but not bitable.  It also makes a distinctive sound as it scoots around the track.  Laser light dots are even less tangible.  Usually, kittens will ignore the dot if it is on another kitten, but I got one to pounce on another by keeping the dot on him.

If you’re trying to socialize a very timid cat, laser pointers are great because you cause a lot of action with very little motion of your own.  The cat can more easily forget you’re there and you get them to run across your lap without and maybe even settle on your legs without freaking at the contact.  Not a problem with this set.

Another thing to be aware of with toys for fosters is how easy or hard it is to clean between litters.


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