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Snuggles’ Adventure

Former foster, Snuggles, has had declining kidney function for a few years.  She’s 18 and in the last week has gotten very debilitated.  Given that her nose was runny, the vet put her on antibiotics, and given that she’d lost weight, we resumed the unpopular-with-everyone-involved subcutaneous fluids.  She perked up a smidge and then continued to get weaker.  If she gets fewer contented moments, I’ll probably see about putting her down.  For now, she likes it warm, and even Berkeley is warm today.

I’d put her out on the sunny deck and later could not find her–anywhere.  Bob joined the search and she finally meowed.  She was inside the wall for the deck planter boxes.  It’s 2nd floor, so we tried to reach her from below and from the deck.  From below, we could finally see her, so from the deck I could know where to reach  to just touch her face.  That turned out to be enough to get her to a more reachable spot.  I had her front legs and got Sam to get her back legs; we tipped her and slid her out,

I’ve got the access temporarily blocked with a rug and some plants.

The kittens are fine and did well one their shelter photo shoot.

As we thought, Snuggles was looking for a place to hide.  She died this afternoon.  I was able to be stroking her at the end.  She didn’t have to take another vet trip.

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No Kittens, But Hoping for Some, And An Unfettered Internet

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img_20161229_223220I was away for two nights.  My cats are glad I’m back.


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No Kittens

img_20161206_214817And the home cats approve.

Gorgon got a home Saturday.  He was getting a little less desperate when left alone, but now he has his own people.


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IMG_20160514_190502The kittens all got new homes Thursday and Friday.  My homie cats apprciate the extra lap time.


Digestion Happens

IMG_20150807_134419Over 24 hours since the last barf.  Fortiflora or time worked their magic on the kittens.  This weekend, the go to a different foster, as I will be away Monday-Friday.  Their manners are excellent now.  Sometimes they even bury their litterbox business.  I hope to get them back when I return.  In another few weeks though, they’ll have their neutering and probably will be adopted quickly.


Nora did pass on.  I’ve never had a cat that strong die at home before.  She had problems with major organs but was otherwise in good shape, and not yet 12 years old.  She had an odd upbringing.  My mom adopted her before we realized my mom had started down the Alzheimer’s path.  She named the cat “Blackie” after her previous cat, and expected her to act like a dog–to eat on command and such.  She was able to keep the cat a while at assisted living, but was getting very odd about feeding: adding water to kibble that then sat around, bringing her bacon instead of feeding her cat food.  Still, I hated to take away her cat.  When Nora became “the cats that came with this place”, I did take her to my house and renamed her.  She was very shy around people but then learned that even total strangers would brush her.  She would lead them to the stand where I kept the brushes, I’d translate for Nora, and generally, the person would brush and Nora would be blissful.



IMG_20150805_171406Everyone is washing and washing after having a bit of fresh boiled chicken with the broth.  They are very impressed.  They had their second vaccinations and clean results on worm and panleukopenia tests.  We’re trying fortiflora to see if that improves digestion.  And fresh chicken.

The reason for the chicken is less fun.  Our home cat, Nora, is fading fast and is only drinking water.  I thought broth might bring back memories of better times, but she seems to be in her own world.  She had subcutaneous fluids and some anti-nausea medication yesterday.  Tomorrow she may have tests or painkilllers or release.  Being brushed was her biggest joy in life, and she seems not to notice it now.