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Back on the Shelf

I put the fiddle case back on the shelf and re-placed the tube-ramp to it. I added a little bit of fence to reduce falls, an put a pillow below it, for the inevitable.

On Birch’s e-collar, I found I could shorten the loops holding the ties. He’s not caught his jaw in it since that modification.


Legitimate Head Tilt

This is a non-problem head tilt, the better to see around a doorway.

Their fixed siblings all found homes yesterday or the day before. I may have met Baobab’s new people. There was an adoption event with people lined up beforehand. A charity sponsors “empty the shelters” with free adoptions a couple times a year. One of the people waiting said he was interested in the orange one, so I gave a boost for how conversational Baobab is. He was one of the first to be adopted.

Teak went to a family Emily has done cat-sitting for, so we may yet meet again.

The shelter had taken in critters from other shelters and rescue places and had booths from Pet Food Express, other rescue organizations, Subaru, and a vodka company. They were marketing it as Vodka for people who like dogs–not a very obvious tie-in. All the critters got adopted. The shelter should be less busy this week.


Reached New Places

Ginkgo got up to the window today. He got down on his own, not gracefully, but safely enough.

Later I came in and saw that Birch had made the step up to the fiddle case. I gave a little guidance for descending and he did fine.


Album Cover

Except that it’s missing Linden. Linden is fine now and back to gaining weight. My worries about making it easy to get up to the case were supported by having Birch and I think Teak roll out and go clunk.

Birch has been held up by getting his claws caught in things. He’s getting around pretty well even on the floor, so I finally trimmed his front claws.

To prove to Ginkgo that he could indeed drink from a bowl, I boiled a chicken thigh to make broth. They are all quite competent at drinking and have no need to go after each others’ butts. But they like it.

Litter box compliance has been better for a day.


Case Access

I didn’t want an easy way to the fiddle case, because I think the Wobblies might fall in a non-safe way. But I made a tricky path from sewing machine case to chair to shelf and showed Baobab. He and Linden now go up there a lot.

The Wobblies are much stronger and more competent than a week ago. I am thinking they probably could face vaccines again, and the other normal foster cat stuff.

I am having a few issues with this litter. Most of the time they use the litter box, but they also are thrilled to sneak off to odd corners or the doorway and make messes. There is some butt sucking, mostly by Ginkgo, and much of that can be stopped by squirting some water in his mouth. I am also adding water to the food dishes, trying to make him learn how to lap more acceptable drinks.

Everyone but Linden is gaining weight. Linden is busy and not unhappy, but not over the post-weaning slump yet.


Lounging Again

Alto has a real talent for looking relaxed. Here she’s being cuddled by Soprano.

Years ago (2017), I had a foster kitten, Jack, who showed an early talent for intense sleeping. I still see him on facebook, often sleeping.


Getting Along

They are all de-wormed, but still pretty loose on the poop. It doesn’t slow their playing. I hope their guts settle out soon.

Tenor will be 2 pounds very soon. Soprano and Baritone need to start gaining weight again. They all enjoy eating so it should work out soon.


On Track For Wednesday

Happy reached 2 pounds this afternoon.

Joy enjoys jacket perching too. She and Glee will weasel on in even if not invited.

This picture was when they were done chewing on each other.

Glee gets on the desk much of the time now, if my lap is not available. Just so I don’t get too prideful of his preference, he dashes to escape the room often when I come in. Joy will sometimes run for it. Happy has not particularly tried yet.


Not Marat in His Bathtub

But Glee could do some art poses. Em took this picture yesterday. Below is one I took today.


Descent, In Four Photos