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any picture of kittens in a fiddle (or mandolin) case.

More Pictures

Just more pictures, nothing new happening. The kittens are pretty happy and healthy, just a bit annoyed if they hear me downstairs instead of keeping them company.


Toy Time

They find a lot to do together. I think Taffy is happy that Cotton Candy feels better and plays more.

I also may have a “kittens posing in a fiddle case” set of photos. I’ll make a “category” so they can be viewed together.



I am trying to collect good adoption-promoting pictures of them. The top one does look a little like some evil plots are being hatched.


oops, I missed putting in a title

The kittens are happy campers. I put the green cylinder up so they can get on the shelf with the fiddle case and they love it. They’re getting used to the noisy bead wand and the wiggle green wand, and they digest their food and use the litter boxes.

Next will be getting Zach to enjoy non-bottle food more.


Fiddle Case: Unlocked

Over 24 hours without an out-of-litterbox event so I opened the fiddle case. The kittens approve.

They got to meet Patti and Bruce, who brought me home after playing at the dance class. These kittens are not at all shy of strangers.

Breaking News: Paul can now eat from a dish!


Grab Bag of News

Pawpaw got adopted today. I saw him this morning when I took Gardenia in and Pawpaw patted my face. He is now living with someone who has another cat.

The littles are learning to make do without a bottle. They’re finally starting to clean their plates and not stare pointedly at the chair where I last gave them bottles. I had to be out of reach, on the chair with my legs up to keep from being swarmed, and some of them were getting good at jumping and pulling up anyhow.

The reason I took Gardenia in to the shelter was that she had stopped even swallowing food and formula. I started tube-feeding her last night, and she got a little spunkier, but not great. She is now trying a 2nd antibiotic plus subcutaneous fluids and larger amounts of tube feeding. At one point, she did swallow so I skipped the tube, but it was not a permanent improvement.

Tulip is basically a tiny cat. Most of the time, she goes to the litter box as needed, sometimes she eats canned food on her own, she’ll almost always eat canned food from a finger, and she nurses well on the bottle. She now demands time outside the bathtub to wander about. She has fierce claws, plenty of room for tummy expansion,, and for whatever reason, a slightly chopped tail. She also has some decorative white fur under her chin and on her front legs. This may be from being sick and may change over the years.


Sweet and Goofy

They’re scheduled to be neutered this Thursday, the 17th. These guys on drugs are going to be something else.

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Different Case

This one is lighter and the zipper is broken anyhow. And this way, I can leave the spare bow in the (other) case without them chewing on it.

They are all over two pounds now, and just past 8 weeks old. Next week they get fixed and should be up for adoption.

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Of Milk and Bottles

Not that it relates to the picture, but they don’t get bottles any more–it was too much yelling and climbing and desperation. They still get a morning and evening dose of kmr, but now I just pour it into bowls and they can all drink at the same time. They nag a lot for it. Chiaro, the one on the left above, is so crazy about bottles that he starts going for the eyedrop medicine bottle. Ace, the one on the right, has had eye gunk, although this should be the last day treating it. We’ll see how it looks tomorrow. They had their last dose of Panacur today, so tomorrow should be medicine-free.


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3/4 Case

Actually, it is a full size case, but one kitten of the four hopped out before I got a good picture.

They had continued to have loose poops and not gain weight, so now everyone is on ponazuril and panacur, the generic “this should fix most things” kitten drugs. We shall see.


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