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Waiting For Kittens…

But I’ve been busy anyhow with music camp and work.  Here’s another picture of Jumbo, now Dexter.  Jax and July have their forever homes too, but not with people I know and Jet is still waiting.

quatre cinq

So, pandering to the google search terms that have shown up, here are some hints for homemade cat toys.  Anything that can move is a toy for cats; the challenge is to have them play with the acceptable toys, not the things you wanted to keep away from them.  If you are silly enough to collect cats and priceless antiques, the antiques should be in enclosed display cabinets.  Power cords are another thing: if they are too attractive, tape them down, put them in conduits, coat them with lemon juice, hide them behind boards and furniture.

Pencils left on a desk are a good toy, until they land on the floor.  Some kittens will chase them around the room, but most cats won’t. Marbles and ping pong balls travel well.  Small nerf darts are good, and can be stuck to mirrors or windows for an added challenge.  Plastic drinking straws are apparently great to chew on and to bat about,  They are good whole or in roughly one inch sections.  The short sections can be strung on yarn or on old guitar, gamba, or cello strings. Long pieces of yarn or string on their own can be swallowed and tangle up the gut, requiring surgery to remove, so use them only under supervision.  If you knit, take extra care to keep your yarn secure, for your sake and the cats’.  Old violin strings can be used, but are rather short, so it helps to thread one through the end loop of the other.  You can sew bells, feathers, or other toys on the end, or make a yarn tassel.  Attaching a stringy toy to a stick allows more interesting motions.

A half of a sheet of crisp paper, crumpled into a ball makes a great toy.  Some cats prefer aluminum foil balls.  Bubbles are fascinating for a while.

Toy mice are fun, but your cat does not care if they look like mice.  You can take a scrap of cloth, sew all but one inch shut by machine, stuff it with wool or synthetic stuffing, or bits of old socks, and maybe some catnip.  Some cats would like dirty socks for stuffing, if you don’t mind.  For some cats, a sweaty shirt is the best present ever.

Towels and chairs have a lot of possibilities.  You can make caves with climbable walls if you attach things well enough.  Clothes pins will let go, but some clips are more secure.  You can sew straps to the edges of an old towel and tied it securely across the rungs of a chair or vertically on the side of a stool.  Consider the weight of the cat: what holds a kitten may topple with a cat.

Cardboard boxes are great.  When no cats are in it, you can cut windows and doors (leaving the flap on or not).  Just chewing the cardboard edges was one of July’s favorite activities.

Clothes hangers can be hung on each other, maybe with some tie-wrap securing them together, to make a sort of mobile.  Toys can be attached at various points.

For more passive entertainment, a fish tank with a lid (and fish) is good.  Snakes and crickets are also fun to watch.  Ipads and the like have apps for cats.




On what again may be their last full day here, I captured Jet’s extra-loud purring.


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I’ve Got Feets!


Jet enjoys many things–jumping on the desk, running out of the room to go roll on the bathroom rug, kneading the little red hat–but here he was relaxing on my lap and playing with his feet.  Today, he found a big folded sheet of newsprint paper which he dragged out of a box and onto the floor.  He and July have been making confetti.

Alina came over today and got to reunite with July.  July is still madly in love with Alina’s hair.  This time, Alina had a hood so July could sit in that and chew hair and rub against Alina’s neck without having to work to keep her balance.



How Can I Miss You If You Won’t Go Away?

this time, twas I who rearranged the furnitureBack again.  It was a different vet on duty who felt it was too soon for surgery after a new antibiotic.  Jet had a rabies shot, so it wasn’t a totally wasted trip.  I had dumped all the litter and started washing bedding, floor, and toys, so I had to set everything up again.  At least the tower and scratching post hadn’t gotten to the sink yet–they take a long time to dry.

July’s looking good and acting feisty.  Her belly is still poochy.  She doesn’t jump as well as Jet does, but she may build up to it.  Her skin looks good so no more baths.

Jet loves to streak out of the room when I come in.  He runs to the bathroom rug and flops over on his back to play.  It’s obviously a game not an escape.

He also liked to come to the bathroom for July’s sitz baths.  Last time, after exploring the tub, he came up to bat at her tail in the water, scooped water with his paws to drink, and slipped face-first into the water.  He was out again before he could get very wet.



Maybe Our Last Full Day Together–Nope

***NEWS FLASH:Jet and July are coming back again, after i got halfway through cleaning the room and toys.  There’s an alternate vet who doesn’t want to do surgery so soon after this last antibiotic got started.  Next Wednesday maybe.***

The video is of my fearless fly chasers.  July also climbed the window frame at one point.  One thing to remember with kittens who can get around: never leave a window open wide enough for them to poke a head through.  You can’t trust a screen to keep them in.

In the picture below, you see why it is sometimes hard to get up.  They can get so comfortable on a lap.

July’s skin is looking pretty good, although hairless in places.  They shave anyhow for spaying, which really will be tomorrow.  I think.

lap cat nap

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Don’t It Turn My Black Cat Green

greenie ***NEWS FLASH**** Friday will be spay day for July.  Very minor amount of nasty skin left and she wasn’t on the schedule ***end NEWS FLASH***

The extra panes of colored plastic Bob added to the loft window make for interesting highlights.

July’s skin test shows no MRSA now, but still some other bacteria, resistant to the 2nd but not the first antibiotic, so she goes back to the first antibiotic now.  At least there’s no flagyl so it’s not a hated awful thing.  Her skin infection is down to a very shallow small bad zone: she’s been healing despite an antibiotic that was not longer effective.

Both kittens have been really enjoying lap time, purring extremely loudly.  I gave them a paper bag which they enjoy AND are old enough not to be tempted to pee in it. They also enjoy escaping from the room every time the door opens.  I’m really hoping July is ready for spay tomorrow: it’s time for them to get their own home(s).  Together would be great, but not essential.

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Really Close to Okay

new thing=sit on it

I brought my backbag in so it became the new bed.  July’s skin is almost well.  The nasty area is small: her thighs look good and the affected belly area is getting skinny and drying up into small islands of bad.  She even spends some time washing the area, which didn’t happen much when it was bad.

Jet’s now diving under the backbag, attacking the zipper pulls.  He loves diving under things and rearranging furniture.  And now I’ve unzipped the bag so he can be inside it, watching his sister play with the cap of a syringe (no needles).cat's now out of the bag


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Normal Crazy


This was a brief moment of repose: the late afternoon sun angles in the North-facing window and they are becoming cats, in two senses.  The matching white bibs are charming and they’re learning to lounge in the sun.  They spent a lot of today racing around, knocking things off surfaces and then sleeping very hard.  Jet had a very noisy stomach this morning, but it seemed to bode no ill.



One Surgery

hi high

They decided to neuter Jet today, although July’s skin is still not ready.  They’re getting into their teen years, and I wanted to avoid any unpleasant male behaviors, although Jet has been a perfect gentleman so far.  He is a bit wild now.  They’d been cooped up and he was high on drugs, but they’re happy to be back in the room.

Actually, Em and Persephone were here doing screen prints in the room, so I kept the kittens in the bathroom until the printing was done.  I kept the kittens company, knitting in the empty bathtub.  Snuggles, who loves the sink was pretty annoyed to be shut out.




July and Jet, Still Here

high lowI’m trying to keep them interested in new things that are okay instead of rearranging furniture, including the water bowl.  I’ll put a try under the water bowl so at least it doesn’t keep soaking the floor.  They can climb the loft pillar some and I keep draping different toys through the cylinder climbing thing.  Sometime recently, Jet has lost the thick eyelash whiskers over his right eye.  Now there’s just July to blame.  Jet also has had some loose stools, but not as bad as their first month or so.  It has been a while.
IMG_9857Jet discovered this little knit hat and fallen in love.  If I remember, it can go with him to his forever home.  His loudest purrs are while kneading it.  July’s skin is still not lovely, but hair is beginning to regrow in areas that have been or still are icky.



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