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IMG_20150916_191754Today was Theo’s first day at work, probably his first rides on BART, his first rainy day (he was sheltered), and the first teeny bit of eye opening.  His right eye has a gnat-sized opening.  The way he leans into a cuddle made a better picture however.

Smoke and Ember have been doing well–they’re available to any good household wanting a sweet mom and/or he shy-but-getting-over-it fur-ball of a son.

The sad news is of Hetch-Hetchy.  Starting at about 2 months, she developed symptoms of celebellar hypoplasia, but getting worse and worse.  She’s eating and moving less, and will be helped over the rainbow bridge Friday.




She’s become more than a star, she’s a whole galaxy.0706151258Here she is adjusting to the gravity of another cat Her new family commented on my blog, and was kind enough to send some pictures.  There is a young child with an astronomy interest in the family.



Here are some glamour shots of Merritt and Hetch Hetchy in their new home–one advantage of having friends adopt my fosters.  Meanwhile, my cats are checking out the kitten room, making sure they’re all gone (Commodore), checking for treats (Nora), and maybe just lost (Snuggles).


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All Adopted

LakeKittenWeightsWeight charts tell a story.  I see Don Carlos’ short line, and pause to remember him.  The lines for Shasta and Anza stop just a day before the lines for Hetch, Tahoe, and Merritt: Tahoe went to someone I don’t know today and Hetch and Merritt went to a friend’s household.  The worrisome times when the line flattened or went down look small in the larger picture, but they are remembered too.  Weaning and surgery are expected weight loss times, but these guys had their share of troubles.  May they have healthy, happy lives here on out

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Two Homed

IMG_20150703_185555Shasta and Anza got adopted today.  This is Mr. Tahoe with his new collar.  It’s much quieter in the room with just three, and the carrier is a LOT lighter.  Hetch has had her last dose of the antibiotic.  A friend is considering adopting one or two of them,  so it’s likely that this will be their last adoption weekend.


Another Day For Adoptions

IMG_20150703_072009They’re all doing well but need to take over their own homes.

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They Do Like Catnip

IMG_20150629_120645Back in the 60’s, there was an anti-drug film that had a hanging basket chair.  I wasn’t interested in the drugs nor the message, but I still really like that chair.  I have created this experience for the kittens.  I just need to add tne ‘nip and the music.

All 5 are still not adopted.