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party time

This photo is from Friday night’s party after spay/neuter.  They’re pretty goofy on drugs, not clumsy, but exaggerated motions, extreme head butting for petting, and extremely short attention spans.  They couldn’t focus on escaping the room because something else would catch their attention before they could jump at the barrier.

I brought them to the shelter Saturday morning and went to a fiddle club gig at John Muir’s house.  I got a call on the ride back that all three had found their forever homes, although I don’t know any details yet.


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Coming and Going

lapnaps other side

They’re off at the shelter for spay/neuter now.  Malibu stayed at 1.97 pounds I think they said, but they’re going on with it.  They have a newer pain killer for afterwards that’s time release so there’s no sublingual home doses to deal with.  They go up for adoption tomorrow morning.  Time to take down the climbing things and tidy up a little.



Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

double double toil and trouble

I got a call Wednesday asking, “How about surgery today?” but Malibu didn’t weigh 32 ounces yet.  She did after third breakfast, but she was a little below again this morning after only one breakfast.  They’re now scheduled for Friday surgeries.  I’m not sure if they get a day at home to recuperate or if they’re up for adoption Saturday; I’ll find out Friday morning, when they check their weights and such.


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Purrs and Pods

They are gaining weight enough to have the spay/neuter Thursday.  Until then, they are very pleased to have belly rubs and to meet new feet.greet feet


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Just Sitting Pretty

rare focussed shotI was gone at a wedding we had to rent a car and drive to yesterday, so I was gone from 1 p.m. until after 11.  Mackenzie fed the beasties, but after the kittens probably slept all afternoon, they were ready for evening company and pretty desperate when I got back.  They’d not done anything innovative though, that I’ve found.

Today, when I was practicing, they went wild on the reels.  They may not bounce to the beat like the sea lion was taught, but I think they’re aware of the pace.  This was the first time anyone grabbed the bow hair, but no damage was done.


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Stranger Danger

start the tail fluffing, stat!

Our home cat, Commie, was standing outside the room, voicing her annoyance at the kittens.  For them, it was like listening to a spooky story–totally compelling.

They had another FVRCP shot today and have an appointment for spay/neuter next Thursday.  We’ll see where their weights have bounce in the upcoming week.



Getting Less and More Heavy

a friend to lean on

Their weights have been all over the map, but they’re busy and playful and eating a lot, so I think it’s just a matter of when they’ve emptied and when I’ve weighed them.


I brought in a feather toy and all three were afraid of it at first–doing the chain reaction “everybody leap every which way and panic”.  Now Memphis and Malibu play with it but Melvin is terrified.