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Integrated Kitten

Sorry, no photo.  Miss Molly was integrated with a mom cat and her 5 kittens.  They are maybe a day older than her, and much bigger, but she’ll probably catch up.  The shelter folks described the process: have the mom and her kittens chill out in one of the large cages for an hour or more, remove mom cat, add Miss Molly.  Let Miss Molly cuddle with the other kittens and pick up their smells, add mom back and see how it goes.  Everything apparently went well, but the foster person will be keeping close tabs on Miss Molly and her new mom.  There is still the antibiotic to help keep the wound from getting infected, but other than that, she should be able to blend in.  Her new siblings are 3 black and white kittens and 2 calicos.

Just got a note from her new foster family:
Miss Molly is up to 100 g. When I put her on the scale she fussed and Creedence came rushing over, picked her up off the scale, and took her back to the den. I think she’s been adopted 🙂
[Credence is the mom cat]

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Season’s Greetings

IMG_20150227_160700~2I may just have Miss Molly for overnight–they’re going to try to integrate her with a similar-age litter with a feline mom.  Ms Molly is 91 grams, eats and poops well, and speaks up for herself.  She was found caught in some bushes, with an open wound on her side, and maggots on her back, but she actually looks pretty good.  She’s on amoxicillin, and the same formula milk that she had at Berkeley Animal Control (I think that’s the group that took her in).  She’s about 3 days old and still has her umbillical cord.

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