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Weekend Digs

familiar toy but bigger

On the way to forever homes.  There’s a little room to the left, with the litter box, and an upper shelf in both spaces.  They couldn’t manage to get on the shelf until some canned food was placed on it, making it a worthwhile challenge.  The shelter wants them to stay overnight if they don’t get their new families today: fewer transitions.  They’re at BEBHS and on petfinder:

Aaaannnd now they’re going home!  They got adopted together around noon.  Fast work for black kittens.

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Long Box


Mackenzie got a big roll of cloth for silkscreens and it came with brown paper without serrations AND a box.  I gave the kittens the box, adding a window midway along it.

on and in


Initially, they were shy but once I rolled a marble into it, they had to investigate.

They’ve done very well with their surgeries and have not bothered their own incisions nor their sibling’s.  Tomorrow is their first day of being at BEBHS for adoption.

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Can’t Keep a Good Kitten Down

take it lying down

This is with the structure on its side.  I’m trying to keep them from climbing and stressing their stitches, but they’re kittens and they’re feeling frisky.  The fencing that was keeping them out of the closet became a stairway to the desk and the clothes in the closet, so it’s gone now.  A lot of marbles and other rolling toys had ended up in the closet, so they’re pretty busy now.

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Healing Nicely

don't move: we're comfy













I spend a fair amount of time in the kittens’ room today, writing some new code.  Muppet mostly napped.  Moose divided his time between napping and racing around doing things.  Currently, they’re both racing about, chasing each other.  They don’t seem to notice their surgery sites AND I’ve not caught them suckling on each other.  The incisions look small and tidy.  Moose has gotten more enthusiastic in his litter box digging.  They keep being surprised by not being able to climb a pant leg, but Moose just demonstrated that he can jump to the top of the barricade in the high position and pull over.


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Which Alters When It Alteration Finds

tunnel of love, unaltered

The kittens are back from their spay/neuter surgeries.  Moose had an undescended testicle, so he required a bit more work than is usual for boys.  His shaved belly matches Muppet’s, but his incision is tinier and he gets a day less of pain meds.

They played a lot when they got home, although I removed climbing things.  They still jump up on things.  They’re surprised when they fail at climbing a pant leg: their nails were trimmed.  Later, they were quiet , then they had their evening drugs.

Mackenzie’s mom gave us a dismantle-able climbing thing which I washed and bleached.  Some if the particle board parts are still wet, but as a squishy lying down tunnel with extra holes, it’s a lot of fun.  Mostly I want them busy enough or asleep enough to leave the surgery sites alone.

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Cat Fish

fits just right

I thought they’d discover the fun of fishbowls on their own, but I had to add toys, and even insert a cat to start things off.  Fish would be even more exciting, but I get those for the snake, not as cat toys.  The bowl is pretty good as a toy trap, a good challenge for testing one’s reach.

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Almost Big Enough

bigger than the dish now

Once they’re good at eating, I seldom take pictures of that activity, but I was noticing how much bigger they are: when they were being weaned, their bodies ended about where their chests end now.

They were going to go for spay/neutering Tuesday, but BEBHS called and said they had nothing scheduled Monday, would Muppet be at 2 pounds?  I’ll either take them in Monday or call, but I think she may get there.  She was only 1/2 ounce shy this afternoon, right after eating, but that’s doable.  Moose may reach 3 pounds by then.

I tried mixing the old hated science diet canned food with the gourmet canned food, and Muppet ate it up.  Moose less so, but this was shortly after another meal where Muppet took over on Moose’s side of the double dish and was looking for more.

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Ladder Towel

no one can see mereally can't see me


Some of the towels are big enough to stick temporarily on the ladder when wrapped around it.  Then it can be a cat tunnel or a cat hammock, or a cat batting bag.

They continue to eat and grow at a good pace.  They’re both healthy and happy now.

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Creative Reuse

chain of play

“Homemade cat toys” is apparently a common google search, but, to a kitten, everything is a toy no matter how it’s made.  The trick is to keep the things you don’t mind being toys more interesting than those you do mind.  This is a bag handle, a felt scrap, a pen cap, a clothes bin, and a pipe cleaner (aka chenille stem).  The pipe cleaner acts like a weak spring when wound up.

Other reuse is the litter box cover is actually over their bed with the electric heating pad–it keeps the area warmer, plus they like hidey holes.  The carrier has a top opening and is a great play and nap area, although not heated except when traveling, when I use a warming disc.

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Moose and Muppet Weights

back on path












This is their growth chart, in grams.  940 is about 2 pounds and their scheduled spay/neuter date is the 20th.  They were 3 days old when I got them on September 11th.  Moose has had minor setbacks, but of course Muppet is the one that keeps getting me worried.  She now looks to be on track.  She eats heartily, and even ate some Felidae when I subbed that for the really fancy kitten foods.  Both will eat kibble if it is added to the wet food, although I’ve only seen Moose eat kibble straight.  I’m hoping that both are enough accustomed to eating canned food that they’ll now eat any brand if they’re hungry.  Last week, I had to put food in Muppet’s mouth to get her to start eating, and she would have rather starved than eat the cheap brands.

I weigh them in the mornings, after breakfast.  (I challenge anyone to get a kitten to hold still on a scale before breakfast.)  When they got sick, they both actually dropped below the morning weight sometimes.  A big meal or its opposite can make over a 30 gram difference, which at 600 grams is a pretty big portion.  Still, the trend shows up nicely.

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