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Looking To The Future


keeping up with the neighbors

After the daily weighing, they get a little window sill time now.  They occasionally slip but they enjoy having new places to explore.  I never have the window open enough for them to test the screen for falling out.

Nirvana made it to the top of the door barricade this morning.  Nelly should be 2 pounds tomorrow.  It’s getting to be time for this crew to move on to their forever homes.  Based on the BEBHS website, the Per crew all have homes now.  There are a lot of little black kittens this season.


Big Tail


foof tail

Nelly was only 30.8 ounce this morning and Noir slightly less, so no spay/neuter today.  Nelly makes up for her  slight body with a fully fluffed tail here.

They are learning to jump.  Nirvana comes running when I go through the litter box: she jumps on my back and hops from there to the table that’s (so far) too high to jump onto.  So I’ve been thwarting her by squatting very low, or angled away from the table.  Jumping onto a lap will beat climbing my legs, but only when they can jump the full distance, not just partway up my leg and hang on.


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Totally Unconscious


Nothing like a lapful of warm kittens and having all the known programming bugs resolved.  I’ll sleep better tonight too.  Plus Em and Mackenzie are home and lots of people have entertained the kittens and vice versa.


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Nikolai finds the curly hose a perfect fit.  He didn’t even mind when I used the hose, but did leave it when I stretched it out further.  Later, he fell asleep on my lap and started dreaming with his eyes open.  He was looking around and the nictitating membrane was active, and he was making audible eating motions.  His feet were kneading slightly.


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More Climbing


new territory

They’ve made it into one of the No Kitten Zones, but it’s all covered in a cleanable way.  I’m not sure if all four made it this morning, but once one figures it out, the others learn quickly.


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all 4 playing at once

These kittens aren’t much at jumping, but they’re good climbers.  I gave them a series of things so they can get up on the chair.  The previous night, Noir had been touchy about his right rear leg, and grumpy when jostled by kittens or people, but last night he was fine again.  They’re gaining weight like crazy: Nikolai will reach 2 pounds this week, but it’s likely the others will reach that goal before the 17th, when they’re scheduled for spay/neuter.

Perp, Pernicious, and Perdue are still awaiting homes.


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More Basket Games



Today, I propped the basket up high enough at one end for them to crawl inside.  This created a lot of under-the-edge batting, and racing around trying to figure how to get at each other.  For a while, there were two inside.


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