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Meeting New Shoes

the shoes are watchingIf only the litterbox were as interesting to visit.

(just found some drafts from the past)

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Please Make The 4th Of July Orchid’s Special Day

IMG_20140703_132319Orchid is next up for adoption Friday, July 4th.  I have a small fiddle club gig at Chaucer Street’s block party 2-4–come share some food and see the local critters and people, then go 3 blocks south and 2 west to the Berkeley Humane shelter (9th and Carleton) and adopt Orchid before 5 p.m.,  Otherwise, I need to take her back to her room and find something else new to entertain her.

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Loyal Footpad

IMG_20140701_144524Orchid has become my loyal footpad.  She meows for attention sometimes, definitely greets me when I come in, and would prefer I hand her a mouthful of food at a time, instead of just plopping a dish of canned food in front of her.  She’s also leaping and pulling up on things more.  She got into the forbidden territory beside the white table, but then just stood there looking confused as to what to do next.  Afternoon is sleepy time, which is more about contact than exploring.

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Home Alone


Kitten-wise, alone.  When I got to the shelter Sunday, someone was just adopting Orbit.  I think Orchid misses her a bit, but is also really enjoying being able to play with the felted toys without Orbit taking them away. Orchid finally gets to be the alpha kitten.

She does mew when shut in the carrier, and Sam heard her once when she was alone in the room, but she’s the quietest non-feral kitten I can remem er having.IMG_20140630_085243

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Home Between Adoption Events

enjoying the crate anyhow

It turns out, I can bring them back to the big playroom between adoptions events through the weekend.  They did vocalize a bit coming home–Orchid was upset during the ride but happy to be back in the room.  The cage at the shelter isn’t bad, but it isn’t a room.  And I’m not sure these kittens can jump onto the shelf in it, despite it being a small jump.  These kittens don’t jump much, which makes keeping things away from them a lot easier than with some litters.

I make felted rings from brushed cat hair and one of those is Orchid’s favorite toy.  She does lose it under towels and furniture a lot, but it’s light enough to travel in unexpected directions when it gets caught on a claw and shaken off.




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Warm Fuzzies

IMG_20140625_082323Mardi gras beads are popular any time of year.  These two kittens were the quieter ones of the litter.  Now they can take over the room and take their time eating.  The litter box is tidier–there are many advantages to having fewer kittens.  But they are very glad to have each other, to cuddle, to chew, and to inspire to new activities.  I hope they can get adopted together.

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Welcome Kittens Back Again

IMG_20140622_172408Just Orbit and Orchid are back.  Orchard is getting physical therapy and training; thhe other three got homes.  These are the two fuzziest ones, and the least adept at escaping the room.  They’re having a grand time racing around and playing, enjoying the full space.  They go back to the shelter Friday morning for another chance for adoption.

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