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Kitten God

Rob, a friend of Emily’s, has become kitten god here.  They swarm him, try to climb his legs, and try to settle down forever in his lap.

Gnocchi and Rigatoni are both still sick, not eating well, but both have eaten of their own free will recently and both perked up a little.  Both are on azithromycin.  I was not sure Rigatoni would make it through the night, but he was livelier at 2 a.m. than he was much of Saturday.

Meanwhile, tapeworm fragments have been seen on Spaghetti’s butt and maybe Macaroni’s.  I’ve been expecting Aria to have this problem given the number of fleas she had.  She may have worms, but I’ve not seen the pieces.


Pastas Faring Well

The kittens are adjusting nicely, meeting new people.  B&W Linguini is becoming a shoulder cat.  I may trim claws.

This morning, everyone was able to eat from a dish, some with no finger food first.