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Growing Up

IMG_20150918_102840Theo has the cutest ears.  His eyes are most of the way open now and he seems to wander with more intent.  If he needs to poop, he wakes up and wants out of the crate.  This weekend, Smoke and Ember will go back to their finder’s care–or new homes if there are any takers.  Then Theo can move into the under-table space in the kitten room.  I’ve learned to make very low litter boxes from the cardboard flat box that held 6 oz. cans, lined with the plastic emptied litter bag.

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IMG_20150916_191754Today was Theo’s first day at work, probably his first rides on BART, his first rainy day (he was sheltered), and the first teeny bit of eye opening.  His right eye has a gnat-sized opening.  The way he leans into a cuddle made a better picture however.

Smoke and Ember have been doing well–they’re available to any good household wanting a sweet mom and/or he shy-but-getting-over-it fur-ball of a son.

The sad news is of Hetch-Hetchy.  Starting at about 2 months, she developed symptoms of celebellar hypoplasia, but getting worse and worse.  She’s eating and moving less, and will be helped over the rainbow bridge Friday.



Theo Gets Around

This is why it’s so hard to get a focused, frontal shot of this kitten.  Never a still moment if he’s awake.  He continues to eat and digest well.  Watching his coloring develop is going to be very interesting.  The blanket he’s on is actually a huge snuggly. Nice, but so big it’s hard to find him with that as the carrier blanket.

Smoke had a full workup at the vet’s yesterday, and got drugs to stop the barfing.  She gets famotidine for a while.  This morning, she was eager to eat (especially as I cooked some chicken breast for them) and she pooped later.  Ember had barfed last night, but I’d given him a different brand of canned food and it was perhaps too much novelty.  I’m not leaving food out for either, but will give the easy-digestion canned food more often, in small amounts.  Anyhow, over 10 hours since the last barf from anyone.

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Introducing Theo

IMG_20150911_130003Theo is probably 8 days old, and catching up on weight–118g (4 ounces) currently.  He’s good at the bottle and has an impressive purr.  The shelter will be babysitting during my 2 weekend daytime gigs.  He’s had a series of caretakers already and pretty chill about it.

Meanwhile, Smoke’s been barfing every time she eats.  She’s strong and not dehydrated, but she’s pretty annoyed by it and no longer eager to eat.

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Lap Cat

IMG_20150910_163631Smoke has decided to b a lap cat, and not because the weather is chilly.  Ember is still shy, but doesn’t always run away when approached.

Tomorrow, I pick up a 1-week-old kitten. S/he will live in tne carrier in the bedroom for a week.  The shelter will babysit during some weekend gigs I have.

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Next Up

A friend who is highly allergic to cats took pity on a cute little grey one hanging around her house.  7 1/2 weeks ago, the grey one, Smoke had at least one kitten, who was presented to the friend a couple weeks ago.  Smoke got neutered and is recuperating at my house, with the kitten, who I am calling Ember.  I got him his first shots, and Smoke just had her set today.IMG_20150907_180120

Smoke is extremely friendly, although ticked off that I put a collar on her to help in healing.  Ember is very shy, but not feral.  Smoke is barely not a kitten herself, so they play a lot.  While Linden was still here, they were in my bedroom.  Now they have the kitten room and it’s like an overnight at the Exploratorium–there are so many things to play with.IMG_20150908_131718Ember has a line and circle on each side: 10 on one side, 01 on the other.  I still get fleas when I comb him but soon he’ll be old enough for a bit of Advantage, which he can share with his mom.IMG_20150907_180240These guys are not in the Berkeley Humane System.


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