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Guest Cats

img_20161125_080858Hammie is here as a visitor now, after spending thanksgiving with his new family.  The cats dislike him and the dog ignores him, but I’m sure the feline dynamics will work out.  Hammie will be solo kitten sortly when I take the others to their first adoption event, which should be black (and white) cat Friday.

Smuge is also here, having arrived after midnight.  He’s with Mack.  Maybe he’ll play with Hammie.img_20161125_094714



IMG_20150117_104544Smudge is in town.  He has supervised run of downstairs, to allow the home cats some peace.  But he needed some washing up after an explosive poo incident, so we took him to the utility sink.  Afterwards, I let him visit his old room.  He still enjoys the toys.  Nora supervised most of the time, and was even brave enough to touch noses, but she really didn’t approve.

Smudge’s litter was the tiny G’s; he’s almost as big as Nora now.

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Two-Mode Cat

IMG_20141227_124534My sister is visiting and Smudge is visiting, so they played patty-cake.  Smuge wears a harness and leash to curtail his ambushing the home cats.  He’s out at a role-playing party tonight (with Mackenzie).

Zinky still wasn’t adopted, so he also got to meet my sister, and her boots.


Zinky is very subdued at the shelter. He misses his siblings and his home zone.  He plays a lot with anyone visiting in his room, enjoys cuddles, and chats, but as soon as he’s in the carrier headed for the shelter, he just goes into a waiting mode.  He was running laps in the room this evening.IMG_20141227_203052

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Smudge Visits

IMG_20141018_175745Smudge is visiting, along with his person.  He gets big cat privaleges, although he thinks that includes getting on the table.  He has not checked out the kittens; he sometimes follows the cats about.  Commie is horribly offended, Nora is okay with it, Snuggles runs away.

The kittens all have open eyes, as of this morning.  They went with me to a rehearsal because with the scheduled 3 hours plus 1+ hour commute each way, plus their frequent problems, I wanted to keep tabs on them.  They did fine with a meal before and after the rehearsal.  They were ready for another meal before reaching home, but they survived without starving.


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One More Round

IMG_20141004_175315This new set is about 3 days old.  They still have their umbilicals, but eat well, eliminate well, and are past the meconium stage.  They’re about 100 grams each and pretty loud.  They have fleas but look in good shape.  They were dropped at the animal control center today.  Two boys, one girl with a touch of torti to her, and no names yet.  From above, they all look all black, so the boys sport yarn collars for now.

Smudge is still in the house, until sometime Sunday.  He’s very loudly lonely if no one is in his room, but I don’t want him unsupervised in the house because of our cats, open doors, power cords, small hidden spaces, and general lack of kitten-proofing.

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IMG_20141003_185806Just as I was locking up at the Humane Society to take Greykin-gipper back home, they phoned to say she was being adopted.  It was later than they’d normally process an adoption, but she only had to spend one day ‘alone’.  There were a number of other kittens there, but not sharing her space.  Meanwhile, at home, Smudge would cry whenever he was alone in the room, especially if he could hear people elsewhere.

Jay, his new daddy, came later this evening.  He brought a new used carrier and towel that Smudge took to right away.  Smudge also got to spend some time in other rooms of the house (Jay is  a friend of the family).  The paperwork won’t be final until tomorrow, but I consider myself foster-free, possibly until spring.  Another litter is possible still, especially with the warm weather lately, but the kitten season is winding down.

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IMG_20141002_182348They’re fixed now and a little punchy and clumsy.  Smudge apparently inhaled a bit of soup from dinner–his breathing is a little rattly.  His surgery was a little more like Greykin-Gipper’s in that they had to go in to find his testicles.  He has a belly incision like the girls.  I think all their claws were trimmed, contributing to their slipping more on the sharp turns.  They seem to be feeling no pain.  They get a timed-release painkiller at the vet’s so I don’t need to administer anything.

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The Pen Is Mighty…

IMG_20140929_110646Interesting.  I just hooked the one they were playing with onto the hammock string.


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Perfectly Normal

IMG_20140928_094959They’re just a normal pair of kittens with a short box.

Smudge is back up to his highest prior weight, so he just has to catch up on the gains he should have had.  He is working diligently on this.

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Much Better

IMG_20140927_104445Even after just one dose of flagyl, Smudge was perkier.  He’s digesting well and gaining weight–back to 880 grams after being down to 822.  Of course, a week ago, he was at 978.  But he’s working on it.  They both have been enjoying having multiple small chicken-enhanced meals in the day.  Bonus video



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