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Round Cat

Round cat is very round.  She’s the most spherical, so much so that she cannot quite reach to clean her bottom.  To her credit, she does try, stretching one way, then the other and rotating.


Wild Play

Wherein Twiga demonstrates early learning of playing with things: how far is it and what happens when you hit it.  Sometimes, they look perplexed at how to walk when it’s on their path to somewhere.  “Going around” is a later skill.

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Tween-March Kitten Therapy

img_20170120_215707Mack and friends really enjoyed kitten time last night.

Jack is catching up to the others in weight.  They’re done with the nasty panacur medicine.  Maybe they’ll have a smooth stretch for a while.

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December Babies!

3 kittens, about 3 weeks old, but eating gruel well.  They are about 10 ounces each. Wendy is the torti, Taco the long-haired grey and white spots, and Jack is the grey and white stripey.img_20170103_184247


And Upside Down

img_20160929_192047He fell asleep and his paws keep flapping.


Games Kitties Play

The “Cat Alone” series of Apps is nicely designed.  I recommend supervision and possibly pinning the app so they cannot go change other things on the device.


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All Five Together

IMG_20150626_190702Getting them all in one spot is less common now as each explores the far reaches of the closet and the now-accessible shelf.  They do love to cuddle though, with or without me.  Getting them all into a carrier is a challenge however.  One or two go in on their own, another can be hustled, then as someone is being co-erced, someone else figures it’s time to leave the carrier.  Tossing some treats in helps a little.  I guess it’s only about 15 pounds of cat when they’re all in it–less than some individual cats weigh, not naming names–but it sure feels hefty.

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