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From The WayBack Machine

shy velvet more shy velvetVelvet from way back when is now named Shy.  She has a sister named “Cutie”, and likes being under the covers.  It’s nice to see them all grown up.  This was the Veronica, Volcano, VI, Velvet, and Vernon set.

I will be picking up new meds for July shortly.  She’s been feeling good and her skin is healing, but it is slow.  She and Jet get pretty anxious when separated: when July has her bath they cry back and forth to each other.,  This morning, I took him with me when I gave her a butt-soak.  He patted the water and drank a little.  I asked about Jax when the shelter called about the meds and they said he’s pretty lonely, but very happy to be petted.


Visit with the Former Vernon

watch cat

The Former Vernon, now Ze (sp?) was visiting with his new mom at a mutual friend’s house, so I joined.  He’s about 6 months old now, and a seasoned traveler, spending time locally and in Nevada City.  He has 2 dog brothers, so was not afraid of the friend’s dog, but everyone was watchful.  He’s a mellow guy, but does roughhouse with his brothers.


All Have Their Own Homes Now

so long,it's been goodto know you

All five got adopted on their first day out.  Veronica and Volcano (I think the longer hairded tabby) went together and the rest will colonize different houses.  We’ll keep in touch with Vernon’s family and maybe we’ll hear from the others.  Velvet got taken just before closing time, so she didn’t have to come back to a lonely room.



They now know how to get into the main part of the computer bag.  This is at least reasonably gentle play.  I’ve hissed at the boys especially when they attack my feet.  They’ve finally all sacked out now.  They’ve been very wild all morning, but the stitches look good and their appetites are good.


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Back From Surgery

no paws

…but this photo was a couple days earlier, by Kevin.  Veronica has always been good at looking demure, hiding her paws.

They came back from surgery all growly and playing roughly.  They hissed at each other a lot at first, perhaps because they were separate some of the time and smell different after all that’s been done.  Veronica has a visible incision on her back with a little bloodstain: I believe that’s from the microchip and it just shows more on her creamy white fur.  I cleaned it off and it will likely be invisible tomorrow.  They’re on opiates and not feeling bad.

I removed everything but myself that they can climb, their nails were trimmed again, but they’re jumping and pouncing and trying to sneak out the door when I enter or exit.  They’re getting way too competent to stay here much longer.


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Toys Again

I made a new toy today.  I believe it’s an old A string, violin, plus straws and yarn, with a cheap chopstick.  It’s pretty popular.  I put the yarn end in the box-with-holes toy, and they pulled the yarn out through a different hole.  When they pulled hard enough on the yarn, they could and did drag the wooden box.

I’ve been putting a lot of different things in the box.  The ball that comes with it will not fit out the holes, so it doesn’t get lost, but it’s a rigged game, to my mind.  So I add balls and other toys that they can extract, along with a few treats today.  The big mouse and the fuzzy ball are still in it.



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basket of asking for itMarilyn wanted to have a sleepover with kittens–sleeping with the kittens being much better than sleeping with the fishes.   She came over with a cot (best thing ever), blanket (best thing ever), basket (b.t.e.), and newspapers (b.t.e.).  Also a video, but I don’t think she watched it.  The kittens had a blast racing and climbing and poking through the cot.  It only added to their activity that I was gone all day at the Pleasanton Scotting Games.  They eventually pushed the basket close enough to one barricaded area to get in a Forbidden Territory (where I keep towels that are clean so far and things I don’t want to have to sterilize between litters).

I trimmed their claws again, because they were jumping on my back and racing across my feet someone drew blood.  It had been two weeks since BEBHS had trimmed them very short.  They’ll be trimmed again Wednesday most likely.  The smallest tabby finally reached 2 pounds, just barely.

The kittens did settle down soon enough for Marilyn.  Veronica was a little too obsessive about being on her face.  Vernon tried the face a few times but settled for the cluster of kittens at her feet.


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