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Alyosha (the former Wampum)

from portland, ORThe people-feet are Kellen’s, but the cat is Alyosha, who used to be Wampum.  He’s become devastatingly handsome.  Kellen’s feet look cool too.

The current kittens (Pam& Stu et al) had their checkup and are scheduled for spay day November 14.

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Out with the Old…

new familySorry I only got Kellen’s knee, but this is Wampum’s new Mom, Alina.  I’ve just cleaned the room and will be getting a new litter of 4 6-week olds in a bit.  So stay tuned…

…his name is Alyosha and he’ll probably be features often here: chillin'

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Stripes In Sunlight

stripesSo here’s the new coat as it is emerging: subtle stripes and loops.  Along with the basic tux layout it is most handsome.


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Staying another week

rawrI was going to go for a picture of his stripes which are becoming more defined, but the toothy blur was more fun.  His fur pattern is changing though.  A white undercoat is developing.

He’s gotten a live cello concert in ‘his’ room, with the only problem being that he wants to participate more.  Definitely a mellow kitty.

He had his checkup today.  The vet and techs were surprised at his coat change.  His ears were declared okay: they did a last cleaning with a vinegar solution, which I can still smell a bit.  The eyes aren’t infected, but discharging because his cold returned, perhaps from the stress of neutering and 1 day at an adoption event.  He has daily oral meds, which is simpler than ear drops.

The other news is that Em’s friend, Alina, may adopt him and give him a new name, from the cat in The Master and Margarita, “Behemoth” (Бегемот, a subversive Puss in Boots, the name referring at once to the Biblical monster and the Russian word for Hippopotamus)” –wikipedia.  She’ll likely choose the Russian pronunciation.

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New Neuter

bushy tailedBefore and not bushyafter.  Wampum got to play on the deck before it was sunny.  He got very bushy-tailed and tough.  Then he had his neutering and came back a little wobbly.  His back legs kept splaying out on the floor, so I moved his dish further up the towel.  He was very hungry and very wild and very distracted.  His ears are a bit infected, so I need to do ear drops, and there’s 2 doses of kitty morphine for tomorrow.  He’s still up for adoption Saturday.

Update: he is much calmer this morning, despite the drugs.  phew.

Further update: he did not get adopted yesterday, so today another trip to the adoption event.

And home again.  His eyes have been goopy, which perhaps could be runoff from the ear infection, but we’ll have a vet appointment Monday and try again with a healthier kitten next weekend.

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Vet Day

cute feetWampum had a vet appointment today, a follow-up on his eye medication and some shots.  Apparently, he was a difficult patient: it took 3 people to get him his vaccinations.  It might have helped if they’d let me hold him, but maybe he’d be mad at me too.  Anyhow, he’s home and fine again.  Thursday is Neuter Day: he’ll have to stay there longer and come home less happy.

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Summer Days


Kevin took this picture a day or two ago–better light, better camera, and a much better photographer.  We have an upstairs deck that provides a safe outdoor play space.  It does require supervision.  Several years ago, when I had a young litter out on the deck a hawk flew over.  The kittens all ran for the hall, instinctively aware that that was a danger.  Still, it’s nice to get some sunshine and watch the birds and bugs.

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Progress Report

pleasedWampum’s eyes only have a little of their own goop now. The ointment is rather greasy and looks a little icky. He’s back on a fast track of gaining weight–33.6 ounces this morning. He sneezed a lot yesterday, but not today. This morning, he ate some warmed canned food without me having to offer each bit by finger. I put the dish right under his face in bed, so breakfast in bed.

He met Mena today, who is around 3 years old. Em and Jane were the supervising adults, since I was out. Apparently they all got along well, Mena stayed gentle and Wampum stayed purring.

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Paw Pads

jelly beansI like the jelly bean effect with multi-colored paw pads.

Wampum’s snurfling much less, although he still snores a bit.  His eyes have gotten goopier.  It’s pretty much eye snot but barely yellow so perhaps not too infected.  I wipe his eyes a lot.  He’s gaining weight much more slowly now: 2 or 3 days to gain an ounce.  He sleeps through the day and plays wildly in the morning and evening.  I don’t know about night generally:  I was in his room, but I was busy bug-tracking in programs.  He gave up and slept in my lap and then in his bed.

wampum weights

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The Quiet Hunter

hunterAfter a day and a half of being fairly subdued, Wampum got pretty active this morning.  I think the cello-string toy is his favorite.  He’s still a very quiet and gentle cat.  I don’t need to wear turtleneck shirts nor thick pants with him. He’s almost 30 ounces now, and not scheduled for snipping until August 4.

We watched a lot of animals on youtube last night.  Unlike most kittens, he doesn’t try to be on the keyboard, but sits quietly on my lap, watching.


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