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Tweeter Got Adopted Today!

I’m told a nice young lady took her home, and her roomie may get another kitten so she’ll have some feline company.

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After the Spay

Not looking any differentTweeter was spayed yesterday and came home totally wild.  They’d trimmed ALL her nails too, so when she tried to race up my leg to my lap, she’d just leap and slide down.  She was playing very aggressively and Mr. Magazine had to say a few things (hissing doesn’t faze her; a magazine slapping noise does.  Leaving your arm dead while she gnaws it just results in a dead, gnawed arm).

Today she was much calmer and willing to sit a while in my lap.  Without chomping me.  When she was eating breakfast, she’d eat a few seconds, then come sit in my lap, then go eat, then lap sit, etc.  I was sitting on the floor 8 inches from her dish so it wasn’t a lot of travel, but finally I put the food dish on my lap with her.  She ate a little longer then got off to go try some kibble.


Tweeter the Cheater

Although Tweeter raced up the loft ladder, and I have seen her manage taking the steps down, this time she got all wound up so I helped on one step.  I didn’t want her to decide to leap down on the barricaded desk with my computer stuff on it.

Tomorrow, she gets spayed.  So I’ll need to reduce the opportunities for climbing and falling.


Heading Again

head cat

Em took this picture last night.  Tweeter is getting a little heavy for headsitting now.

Today we were out at a wedding, where I was “how could I possibly be social with all these people around?”.  But the food was good and I ate a lot.  When I got home and Tweeter calmed down and settled on my stomach (I was lying on the floor) my stomach growled at her.  She kept bouncing off and digging at my belly and being excited and freaked at the same time.


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on alert

Despite this pose, Tweeter’s foot was fine the next day.  She’s now 31.5 ounces so she should be ready for spay next week.  She’s not going to like it however.




cute foot padToday, Tweeter got a reprieve, but she twisted her arm to do it.  Around noon, I noticed she was limping, avoiding weight on her left front paw.  She’d yelp or hiss when I touched her paw, or sometimes her arm.  At 3 she was still touchy, so I took her to the vet’s.  They think it’s a pull or strain and to just avoid encouraging jumping and climbing.

They also weighed her and decided to wait until next week for spaying.  She’s 30.x ounces and it was unlikely she’d reach 32 by tomorrow.  She got her vaccinations though.

She really didn’t want to get in her carrier–I thought she was suddenly afraid of blue puppy, or the blanket was offensive…I changed everything and finally tucked her in butt-first.  She cried all the way to the vet, and all the way back.  But she’s still enjoying the paper ball they made her, to see if she could walk on the troubled leg.



Sock Inspector

playing tangleTweeter helped finish some socks.  I used some elastic thread with the wool in doing the top ribbing, and she learned how to jump in between the strands and twist or flip, then run around the post until she couldn’t move any further.  Below, she is inspecting the final product.

final inspection