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How to Dominate the Food Dish

nom tactics

My weekend guests have been getting used to the food and have been eating like crazy today.  Ms Leopard Collar gets a foot in each serving side and dives in.  She got a bit of a bath after this.

Another technique, when the food dish is empty or not handy, is to chew any person body part in reach.  Noses or toeses, they try it all.


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Weekend Swap


Some who was happily weaning a Y-named group of kittens had to go away until Monday.  I’m one of the few fosters on call willing to take weaners, and my V set is happily eating, so they’re having an adventure elsewhere until Monday and I have this set with pretty collars.  They didn’t get a correlation of collars to name, so I’m calling them by collars, which sounds more alike than it looks.

Vernon was a little down this morning, not active nor hungry, but happy to be held.  I hope he and the others enjoy the change.  I had been trying to keep finding ways to make the room new for them, rearranging toys and blankets, but this will be a major change.

The new kittens look about 5 weeks old but weigh almost as much as Volcano and Velvet.  They’re all tabbies.  Above are some of the new kittens; below is one of the old.

like velvet on my toes