Birch is mine now. Ginkgo is staying at the shelter to be more used to it for adoption tomorrow. I have the stair birch-blocked, but Commie came up and hissed a lot. So if she’s about, I restrict him to the room.

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Lick Lick

They can eat while coned, but food gets in the overlapped area. I have since washed the cones.

Ginkgo will be available next weekend, the 9th or later. He is gentle and strong, and has the loudest purr.

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Back on the Shelf

I put the fiddle case back on the shelf and re-placed the tube-ramp to it. I added a little bit of fence to reduce falls, an put a pillow below it, for the inevitable.

On Birch’s e-collar, I found I could shorten the loops holding the ties. He’s not caught his jaw in it since that modification.



They are finally resting a little. Ginkgo just got up to take a drink from the water bowl, after I told him no butts. They have had their first dose of gabapentin, and it is at least not doing strange things. It is supposed to calm critters and block pain. I don’t think they have been hurting, but they were panicking at first and are still annoyed by the cones. There has been no head tilting though.

In the time it took to type this, they have woken up and resumed playing.


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Fixed, But Not Stationary

I have never seen kittens so agitated as these when I picked them up. The Shelter had them in separate cages, where each was spinning and thrashing. When I reached in to hold my hands on them, Birch calmed down. Ginkgo started purring, but kept pushing to escape. He yelled the whole ride back.

When we got home and I released them, they were starved. I removed the cones for supervised eating, then restored them. Birch is particularly bothered by the cone. When I got it back on him, he managed to get it partway off, but with the edge inside his mouth instead of under his chin.

They’re pretty normal now, just clumsier.

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Good To Know

What goes up can come down, safely.

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Rearranged Things

Just rearranging things makes toys new.

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New Accomplishments

This evening, Ginkgo was able to pull up onto the cross piece and reach the top of the half-height barricade. He stared at home cat Commie and got very fluffed. Birch got his front feet on the cross piece, which has been a challenge for him, and then managed to pull up and balance on it.

Earlier today, Ginkgo showed off skills as a pickpocket. He probably didn’t pull the coins out of my pocket: they likely spilled out as I sat on the floor. But then he got some paper and other things out of my wallet while it was still in my pocket, but with the opening facing up.

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Legitimate Head Tilt

This is a non-problem head tilt, the better to see around a doorway.

Their fixed siblings all found homes yesterday or the day before. I may have met Baobab’s new people. There was an adoption event with people lined up beforehand. A charity sponsors “empty the shelters” with free adoptions a couple times a year. One of the people waiting said he was interested in the orange one, so I gave a boost for how conversational Baobab is. He was one of the first to be adopted.

Teak went to a family Emily has done cat-sitting for, so we may yet meet again.

The shelter had taken in critters from other shelters and rescue places and had booths from Pet Food Express, other rescue organizations, Subaru, and a vodka company. They were marketing it as Vodka for people who like dogs–not a very obvious tie-in. All the critters got adopted. The shelter should be less busy this week.


All The Way Up On The Window Ledge

Birch is pretty confident and competent up there now. He even righted himself when he lost his balance. And he’s had the sense to take the long way around to get down instead of jumping from 4 feet up. Ginkgo’s face is a bit smushed against the inner plastic in this photo: he’s fine.

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