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It’s good to have stuffie friends when you don’t have siblings.  They don’t go “Ouch!” as much as people do.

Harley has met a lot of people this weekend.  She went with me to work yesterday, terribly unhappy about being restrained in a box or in my arms.  She met a nice mom & son on BART, who were thrilled that her full name is “Harley Quinn”, as in a Batman character.  The woman’s brother wants to adopt her.  He knows it will be from Berkeley Humane in a month or a little more.

At work, she was pretty happy.  And going home, we got a ride, which, halfway home, she decided was okay.

Today we went to a foster orientation meeting, to demonstrate feeding a kitten.  She did a good job both at the bottle and eating food.  When she got restless in my arms, she accepted being passed around, with maybe 30 people getting to hold her.

Another milestone for her is that she uses the litterbox pretty much on her own (sometimes I suggest it by putting her in one).  She’s in charge of her own butt now, which suits her fine, and suits me fine too.

Tomorrow, it’s BART to work again–it’s walnut harvesting season and I work on programs monitoring and adjusting the drying and storing of walnuts.  Much of it I can do from home, but sometimes handwaving discussions are better in person, or hands-on for special equipment is needed.

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The Explorer

I do not think Harley is going to be a long leggy cat.  She’s beginning to get the idea of the litterbox.  She’s kind of figured out kibble.  She taps things.  She’s still slow and deliberate, except when on her back playing with her feet.  I don’t know if singletons do that more, or you can just see it more because they aren’t under a pile of siblings.

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Seriously Cute

Sorry about the camera orientation.  Cuteness overrides framing issues.  The shelter is seeing if they can add anyone to her crew.

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Ramblling Harley

She’s a very round girl.

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Introducing: Harley

Harley is my new singleton kitten.  I’m guessing she’s closer to 3 weeks than two, given the ears and teeth. She’s extremely fuzzy and has strong opinions, voiced loudly.  She is very happy with this bed though, and a full tummy.

The rescue group, Goldie and Papis, was having an adoption fair and someone just handed them this kitten.  Berkeley Humane snagged her for me.  She has had a lot of fleas, but is well fed.

And she likes food.

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Guest Kitten

IMG_20171001_154524Being a guest instead of a foster means Saturn can explore the hall and even meet the home cats.  Even before seeing Snuggles (birthday cat! 18 years old today), Saturn was fluffed, but I think this is maximum tail fluff.

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Lonely Houseguest

Saturn’s new family will pick her up tomorrow evening.  Her sister, Mercury, got adopted at the end of today so this is her first evening without any siblings.  She’s pretty clingy.

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