Purring Pile Of Fur

A little less fur than a day ago, but they’re feeling fine.  I put their collars on so they can get used to them.  No digging in the water bowl, but there is a little bit of toes on the edge of the water.  Maybe they have a harder time judging the distance by looks or whiskers.

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After Surgery

They’re pretty wobbly, but they were starved and happy to have space to run around.  All 3 are girls.  Twiga can still jump onto the barricade’s cross piece.

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Twiga Is Up

Twiga figured out the loft ladder just now, both up and down.  There isn’t anywhere off limits now, except the loft itself when blocked.

Tomorrow, no food after 6 a.m. and surgery.  They’re all nicely over 2 pounds.  I’ve started transitioning them to the Chicken Soup Soul kibble and canned food.


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Sleep Masters

They had their photos taken at the shelter today.  These are from yesterday.  The fancy camera shoot went pretty well–I brought one of their boxes which was a decent prop and a comfort for them.  I did spend some time making noises and waving my arms behind the photographer to get them to look his way and look intrigued.

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They had a lot of fun with boxes today.  At one point, Simba was shoving a box which shoved another box and the kibble halfway across the room.  They’re all enjoying small holes to squish through.  One of them, I think Twiga, got out–probably snuck out following me but maybe got over the barricade.  She was crying while going downstairs, freaked by being in new territory, but needing to explore.

Simba and Tembo have reached 2 pounds.  All are getting excited about taking over the house.  Which they don’t get to do.


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No one can match the relaxing skills of Jack from the previous litter, but Simba achieved Kitty Nirvana earlier this evening with Em and now with Catherine.


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Someone Up My Sleeve

Twiga was running around, playing, log after her siblings had zonked out.  Suddenly, she had to join Simba in my jacket, then wiggle into my sleeve, then zone out.

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