Enough parts to assemble 2 kittens here.

They are officially weaned now and do a good job of cleaning their food dishes.  They’ve become healthy happy kittens.  Yay!


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Feeding Frenzy

Dimly lit, but it’s the first bottle in over 6 hours–they do have food available.  I’m spacing out the bottles more.  This morning, Cirrus got tired of waiting for his turn at the bottle and went and ate food.  Even the big guys eat when they realize no bottle is coming.  Stratus even eats kibble sometimes.

I have heard from others that resident cats and dogs look for the kittens when the sound is up on this.

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Well and (Mostly) Tidy

The 2nd antibiotic they got last week did the trick and they’re all digesting well.  All four can and do eat canned food, sometimes without my fingers.  For a few more days, they’ll still get a bottle.  They are 5 weeks old or pretty near that.  The “almost” in the title is because they aren’t yet very good at safely burying poop.

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Paired Up

They’re feeling pretty good now, nearly over the runs and butts looking better.  Cirrus and Cumulus eat nearly independently of my fingers.  Stratus will swallow food.  Polar doesn’t see a reason for food.  They’re near 5 weeks old, so I think they’re pretty much on schedule.

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Space Kitty

Stratus, chillin’.

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Getting It

Cumulus is beating Cirrus at the eating game.  I’m hoping she teaches the others.

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Round Cat

Round cat is very round.  She’s the most spherical, so much so that she cannot quite reach to clean her bottom.  To her credit, she does try, stretching one way, then the other and rotating.