Fungal Fun

I ‘m learning a lot.  The  ringworm culture test takes about a week and they need 2 clean weeks to call an all clear.  Last week’s culture was negative.  If today’s is also, they could be fixed and out of here, but with Thanksgiving it would be another week.  Still hoping.

Since I have to clean or toss all their toys twice a week, I really like cardboard boxes.  This one is a modified flat from the canned food: cut, scored, and taped to make a small enclosure.


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I Want A Moat

They now body-slam the shade blocking the closet so I’m trying a different blocker: a little water in a (clean) litter box.  It apparently is fascinating.  They dip a foot in, shake it, splatter everyone, and all stare.  The closet is forgotten.

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Tough Kitties

Harley looks like she’s all fluff, but she’s pretty tough.


Bunny Paws

Just Chickpea looking cute.



Boxes are always fun.

Then this evening, they got behind the shade into the closet.  It’s a jumble in there and outside my sterilizing route so I was very ticked off.  As I grabbed them, I tossed them in the carrier, moving a lot of stuff, cleaned some, taped the shade down, and then let them out.  They spent a good while pushing at it, so I also placed things in front of the shade to block them.  We shall see who wins.

It’s mom-cat Dolma’s fault: she showed them it was possible and they remembered.

Harley is not quite 2 pounds, but the others are well over and just getting too competent.


Sleeve Cats

I wasn’t sure Harley could get out of the sleeve in time for lunch, or even if she’d wake up for lunch, so I brought her to it still ensleeved.

Last night, I let them watch some youtube videos for cats.  I then pinned it on my tablet, which they enjoyed.  Somehow they managed to upload a video of the planet litter when I wasn’t watching.


Rope Jungle


Today was another sulphur bath AND a vet visit.  I’ve got the bath stacking puzzle figured out now.  I pick up most of the toys and washables out of the room; take out 1 litter box, empty, clean, refill, and set it aside; remove the kibble, wash one bowl, refill, set aside, swap out the water bowl, fill, set aside.  Then I remove the bathroom rug, pop the kittens in their carrier, put it in the bathroom.  Then I bleach the hell (or the fungus) out of everything else in the room, remove the remaining litterboxes, put in the clean box, food, and water, set up a clean hammock and a few toys.  Then I wash and fluff each kitten, dropping each in the room as I finish.  The biggest complaints are from the first one back in the room, all lonesome, and the last left in the box, similarly lonesome.  Then I clean the rest of the litterboxes and replace, put a 2nd kibble bowl out, and wash the carrier.  I have fewer toys out at a time, and some, like boxes and paper balls, are recycled after use.  The room is cleaner than it generally is, although kitty litter is instantly scattered, and sometimes somebody transports some sticky poops to various spots.

Last night, I found out it was Falafel who was barfing.  He barfed thrice and then was sad and tired.  Before I went to bed, I ran the “da bird” toy and he had some interest, although he didn’t jump about.  This morning he seemed fine, although he also is the one who sneezes. Today they had a vet visit.  Ringworm is still there but not spreading.  Falafel got an anti-nausea shot and some antibiotics.

Despite everything, they like the carrier and 3 of them are cuddled up in it now.

The good news is I don’t have to show up for jury duty today or for another 12 months.  I did consider that discussing ringworm would probably get me kicked off.

And apparently, it’s “sulfur” in the U.S.A.  I like it as “sulphur”,  I don’t write “theatre” or “colour”, but some of my words were first met in English literature.


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