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Some Progress

lookingThe three bigger bigger kittens are playing and acting fine now.  They watch when I feed the litler kittens.  Way in back, on the cushion, poor Binky sits.  He still barfed this afternoon, and his weight really dropped. I came back from a rehearsal and fed everyone, and he ate well, gained back 20 grams, and hasn’t yet puked.  I’m feeding smaller amounts more frequently, to see if that helps.

The O’S get messier.  Opera can do squat–she managed a very tidy poo in the box.  Mostly they poo on each other in bed, and pee on the floor and slip and fall in it.  Orchard got an swollen anal gland, but a warm soak and massage seem to have helped.


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Kitten Skirmishes

They are done with the afternoon naptime and ready to rumble.

Binky still has barfing problems, and no one wants the Shelter’s canned food if I don’t add a little fresh chicken, so I bought some fancier canned food at Pet Food Express.  It is very popular but time will tell if Binky digests it better.


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I introduced them to the game of door today.  They are busy playing a lot of the time now and doing better at digestion.  They’re gaining well again.  Malibu did barf again yesterday, but did digest most of her meals.  She kept going back to bury the barf after I’d already cleaned it up.

They often bury their poop now, which is nice.  Memphis still does have some dingleberry issues with his fluffy butt.


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