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What’s In A Name

binkyName a kitten “Binky” and this is what happens.  BonBon has been sucking on his ear for over 10 minutes.

Everyone finally showed a big weight gain today.  Giving up bottles is hard on everyone.  Binky has had it worst, losing weight for a few days and having some barfing and dry heaves.  He was doing really well last night and this morning, some heaving midday, but mostly okay.  Betty knows how to drink water, and Binky seemed to be learning.

The tiny kittens are doing well.  They need attention for about 20 minutes every few hours.  They have been making the longest poops (for body size) I have ever seen, and are pretty relaxed and blase about their accomplishments.  I guess about 4″ for the longest one.




intense eatingI almost don’t need to use my fingers when feeding them now.  Sometimes I mush the food from the edges so they can find it, sometimes I pick out some chicken for Binky who is still small.  Binky had been snoring and sounding a little congested for a few days.  He barfed last night and seems to be doing better now.

It seems that everyone decided there should be a litterbox under the desk, so I put one there.  They were thrilled and kept messing about in it even if they didn’t need to go.  Well, Binky just acted like he was about to use the space in front of it, but I caught him in time.  It’s an experimental time.



Towering InPurr-no

occupy towerI brought the tower out last night.  Betty figured out how to get to the 2nd floor right away; no one else has so far.  I no longer lock them under the table when unsupervised–this is the first set that has not insisted on a litterbox by the door or other odd places.  Their digestion has been good.

They all eat some and sometimes forget how to use a bottle.  I think they’ll be weaned by the weekend.

Binky snores a lot.



Wide Stance

wide stance

I’m giving them a bottle less often.  They like food, but are still slow to think to eat it on their own.  Once started, they’re tooth and claw.  Little Malibu has the stance to defend a large area.  She and Melvin especially, if I’m holding them, will each suddenly think the other is getting something they’re not, and start clawing and snarling at each other.  Memphis sometimes does that, but he tends to be mellower.  He also will bliss out on a neck rub, flopping over on his side, totally relaxed.  Malibu hops around seeing what she can get into.  They all are starting to follow and violin string and straw toy.


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All three kittens were iffy on drinking from the bottle today–sometimes they guzzled and sometimes they had no interest.  I brought in a little high-quality canned food and they lunged for it, eating from the dish even, if led there by eating off my finger.  I will continue with bottles, and mixing KMR with gooshy food, but they’re obviously willing and ready for some solids.  I was just planning on introducing the taste and feel, and they’re only 3.5 weeks old, but new frontiers have opened.  It’s also rather nice for finger-feeding that their teeth are not quite in.




Drinking Game

I finally got Muppet to drink from a dish.  She’s not been happy with weaning, but I again tried dipping my finger and offering some KMR.  This time, she was eager to clean the KMR off my finger, or eat my finger.  I kept lifting my finger less and less until her tongue touched down into the KMR.  She was apparently very thirsty.  Moose has learned to drink water even, but Muppet hasn’t yet.  You can see Muppet’s learning curve as she snorts and sneezes at first.  They both drank nearly all that I gave them.  Muppet burps towards the end of the video.

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nomy nomy

Moose eats, without prompting even sometimes.  He was on my lap and started nibbling me and I set him down, saying “Go eat if you’re hungry.”  I looked at the food dish and it was empty!  So I refilled it and he ate some more.  Muppet still prefers Moose’s butt or the bottle.

Speaking of butts, I found that I cannot trust them on their own in the full room space.  I added one litter box but will keep closer watch on them when they’re out.

And I like this photo:do di do doo



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