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IMG_20141129_095947Rainy day, Zooch and Zifra just chillin’ in the duplex.  I don’t often see kittens sleep on their backs.

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Handsome Cat

IMG_20141128_130338In both senses of “handsome”.  He’s over 1 kg  now.  Zinky and Zifra can get up on top of the tower, but Zooch has yet to show me he can.  There’s plenty to play with on the lower levels.

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IMG_20141127_101519Thankful they were given enough chances to survive and thrive.  Thankful for the support and expertise of Berkeley Humane, and of friends and family.


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Laps and More

IMG_20141124_130716Em visited, so there were twice as many laps to enjoy.  And twice as many people taking pictures.



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Wild Play In The Morning

IMG_20141123_075337These kittens have all their basic skills now: drinking, eating kibble, using the litterbox, snuggling.  Someone even buries someone’s poop in the litterbox–I don’t have the full scoop on that though.  They’re 7 weeks old and likely will all be at weight by 9 weeks–pretty impressive given all the trouble they had in their first half of their lives.


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IMG_20141120_131453Zifra is quite interested in taking up knitting.

On other fronts, everyone now drinks water and eats kibble.


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IMG_20141118_201418Not that the photo is of drinks, but that was the lesson of the day.  I tried reminding them of water and kibble.  Zinky is fine with both, although he’d not sought out the water much.  Zifra would put her nose in the water too deep, snort, raise he head and drink what stayed on her.  Repeatedly.  So I put my finger in the warer at a good depth to aim for, and she’d do 3 nice laps of water, followed by a snort.  Repeatedly.  Zooch was having none of it.

Zinky and Zifra will eat kibble, if reminded to.  They go through a lot of canned food, and vice versa.

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Non-Cone Time

IMG_20141116_101306There are so many things that are hard to do wearing a cone:  tail catching, cleaning, climbing, eating.  I’m giving Zooch a lot of breaks from wearing the cone, and lots of head rubs and neck scritches.

I also moved the bed with the heating pad out to the main area.  They all have been avoiding the under-table space as a former prison space, but the weather is getting colder.  It’s just Bay Area cold, not polar vortex, but still.  Zooch did nap on the heating pad this morning.

Zifra and Zinky have gotten vary into climbing things, so I put the post carpet up.



IMG_20141115_150031The shelter said as long as there’s no blood in the poop, there’s nothing to test. So the kittens are not ill.  The shelter is double-checking the test to see if it was generating false positives.

Anyhow, it’s on to the next thing: Zooch’s right eye.  They’re concerned that he’s scratching it, so he’s coned now.  I free him for cuddles, eating, potty time, and face rubs.  I also trimmed his front claws and his siblings’ too.  My finger pad got slashed in passing last night (not on the playing portion).


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Continuing Well

IMG_20141114_100848Tomorrow morning they have their first checkup since their diagnosis.  They’re doing fine in all regards, except Zooch’s right eye looks no better.  He may become a one-eye, but I doubt it would bother him.  He can be a pirate cat.

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