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IMG_20150117_104544Smudge is in town.  He has supervised run of downstairs, to allow the home cats some peace.  But he needed some washing up after an explosive poo incident, so we took him to the utility sink.  Afterwards, I let him visit his old room.  He still enjoys the toys.  Nora supervised most of the time, and was even brave enough to touch noses, but she really didn’t approve.

Smudge’s litter was the tiny G’s; he’s almost as big as Nora now.

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1, 2, 3, Cat, Sink

IMG_20150109_225954Snuggles’ dearest pleasure in life is drinking from the sink.  She’ll also use her paw to drink bathwater.  She is very tuned in to any indication that someone will be visiting the water closet.

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Fur Days

IMG_20150108_215806Commie let me brush her belly tonight.  I removed some dreads earlier, to very vocal complaints.  Now she’s a cloud of fluff, with a face and toes.

All the home cats have been enjoying going into the kitten room, playing with things, and checking everything out.

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Happily Ever…

For a picture and the happily ever after for Zinky, visit, and follow Kevin’s picture-a-day blog.  Zinky will likely appear often.

But for a bit more of yesterday’s story: we met at the shelter and Zinky got very annoyed at the length of time he was in the carrier as the paperwork and medical history were gone through.  There were a lot of papers to cover.  I had no idea that he has a heart murmur, but then, so did our cat Michiko who lived into her early 20’s.  And there’s the microchip information, free offers of insurance for a 1-month trial, coupons, how to care for your cat, etc.

In the shifting to a cardboard carrier, the favorite mousie toy got left behind, but I’ve picked it up for a later return.  While there, a family came in specifically for Zinky, which felt a little bad.  There was another black 3-month-old kitten, but it was listed as being very shy.

As Kevin and Laurel go by bike or foot, I carted Zinky for his last bike-trailer ride with me, to her apartment.  It’s only a few blocks from a Pet Food Express, a recommended vet, and the 24 hour emergency vet, so a vehicle shouldn’t be a problem.


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Changes Coming

IMG_20150101_172513~2Kevin’s freind, Laurel, is adopting Zinky tomorrow!  (If all goes well, which it should).  Kevin posts a photo a day, so I’m sure I’ll continue to see the Zinkster (

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